How to Find the Best College Consultant

The value of a college education is changing. Due to financial pressures and issues related to Covid-19, colleges are closing or consolidating at a record pace, making it more important to get into a premium Ivy League school.

But how? Given the vagaries of the changing college education landscape, many parents and students have no idea how to navigate the process of getting into an Ivy League school.

That’s where League college consultants come in. The best ones have the knowledge and resources to get you or your children into a great school that will considerably increase the chances of success in life.

The process is involved, but not impossible. It means knowing the application process and how applications work.

Test scores play into it as well, of course. Having a great GPA is essential, and it’s important to master the standardized tests that still carry weight with the Ivy League schools. The best counselors will often have prime students work with tutors to get their numbers up to snuff, and they know how to find premiere tutors that can get great results.

It also means knowing the value of extracurricular activities—which ones carry the most weight, how to present them to admissions directors, and so on.

And then there’s the financial side, which is an entirely different potential minefield. One of the trickiest issues in the application process is the cost, especially with students at all levels starting to balk at the prospect of paying for serious money for an online education.

There are also specific areas with completely different requirements. Athletics is one obvious part of this—with many schools cutting back or shutting down programs due to Covid-19, student athletes have to be able to navigate an entirely different landscape to provide the best setting for their college education.

Overall, the process of working with Ivy League college consultants is a bit like hiring a guide who can provide a road map. This prevents some of the twists and turns from being complete surprises, and it means the important decisions will be familiar instead of foreign.

It’s also important to be careful when looking for college consultants. Many claim to have the complete background necessary to help you get your foot in the admissions door, but the world of consultants has become incredibly cutthroat and competitive since Covid-19 hit.

Make sure your consultant actually has an Ivy League degree, and ask plenty of specific questions about how the process works. Also, ask to talk to some of those who have succeeded—this is really the only way to ensure success.

I did this as an overview tutorial, used the keyword several times. Please let me know if you need anything else.