How to Find the Best Spine Doctor for You

Few problems are more vexing than back issues. The pain can be severe and debilitating, and many times it’s difficult to even know what doctor to see.

But not impossible. There’s a simple process you can follow, and while it may lead to some tough twists and turns, you can solve the problem, get the right and implement a solution.

There are some things you should know about back pain, though. Most cases of back, nerve or neck pain will typically resolve themselves within 2-3 months, and you can often speed up the process by resting, taking anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxants. These solutions can be diagnosed and prescribed by your family doctor, which will often simplify the process considerably.

But there are some signs you need to pay attention to, because they may indicate that you need to see a spine md and perhaps even a spinal surgeon.

These include excessive trauma, a family history of cancer, a combination of fever, night sweats and chills that may indicate an infection. A loss of bladder or bowel control also makes the list, as do feelings of weakness in your legs or arms.

If you are having any combination of these symptoms, you should probably start with a visit to the emergency room. That way you can get a comprehensive diagnosis that may or may not lead to a referral to a spinal surgeon.

Another interim possibility is to see a chiropractor, or to try working with a physical therapist. These can alleviate pain, and they may make it easier for the doctor to diagnose your specific problem.

If you do end up seeing a spine md after all this, you’ll probably start with a pain management doctor who specializes in spinal issues. This spine md may be able to broaden your options, and they may in fact consider surgery.

If your path still leads to a spinal surgeon, you may still have other possible options. Sometimes a neurologist or a rheumatologist can help find a solution to spinal issues, and once again that doctor may be able to come up with other solutions.

If you do have to meet with a spinal surgeon, don’t be alarmed. Spinal surgery techniques are becoming more sophisticated all the time, and the results are getting better, too. Moreover, most spinal surgeons are getting better at what they do. They have a more complete understanding of the problems that led you to a spine doctor in the first place, so its not unrealistic at all to anticipate a positive outcome.

I did this as an overview of how to find the right spine doctor, used the keyword multiple times throughout. Please let me know if you need anything else.