How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, you are in good company. Some women want breast implants to fill in areas where they feel inadequate. Others are challenged by breasts that looked perfect years ago and that unfortunately been impacted by motherhood, aging and gravity. A skilled surgeon can masterfully give you breasts that you are proud of. However, many women have seen horrendous examples of breast implants gone awry. Selecting the right plastic surgeon is one of the most important steps that you can take as you begin your transformation.

Research the Surgeon’s Credentials

Your plastic surgeon’s workmanship will be highly visible on your body for many years to come, so you cannot take chances with your selection. Any surgeon who you consider should be certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. In addition, ensure that the surgeon’s medical license is in good standing, and read reviews from other patients online. Your surgeon should have profound experience performing the specific type of surgery that you want. Remember to research information about the surgeon on the clinic’s website as well as on independent websites so that you can develop a well-rounded view of the surgeon’s credentials and capabilities.

Review Breast Implant Videos and Images

In many cases, a reputable plastic surgeon has numerous before and after images on the clinic’s website. The skills and techniques for different surgeons vary dramatically, so these pictures should be reviewed carefully. Be aware that most clinics cherry pick the best examples to place online. You may also find breast implant videos on or off of the clinic’s website that show the techniques and professionalism that the specific surgeon uses in the operating room.

Schedule a Consultation

After taking these steps, you may have selected a few leading surgeons who you want to learn more about. Schedule a consultation with at least two or three reputable plastic surgeons who specialize in the type of procedure that you desire. During the consultation, pay attention to how respectfully you are treated and the level of discretion that the doctor and nurses employ. This is a delicate matter, so you should feel comfortable at all times. In addition, the doctor should be easily accessible to you and should be open to answering all of your questions so that you are confident with the decision that you are making.

Learn About Techniques and Facilities

One final step to take before you finalize your decision is to review the treatments or techniques that the surgeon will employ. There are several different techniques for breast implants, reductions and other procedures. After researching the techniques in detail, you may decide that you prefer one specific method. Then, research recovery times and the facilities where the procedures may be scheduled at. While these are low-risk procedures, the facility should be accredited and properly equipped to handle a developing situation on-site.

As excited as you may be about getting your “girls” enhanced, you also may feel intimidated by the process for various reasons. Take your time exploring the plastic surgeons in your area as a first step. The right surgeon will place you at ease and will give you confidence that you can see the beautiful transformation that you are envisioning.