Taking Care Of Your Pool From Possible Leaks

We are all looking forward to the summer so that we can enjoy good hot days, and enjoy our pool with our family and friends. In order to enjoy our pool to the fullest we must be careful, and make a check to our pool that it is not losing water, because without realizing it could have a leak. This way you can continue to enjoy your little oasis at home with complete peace of mind and security.

Unfortunately, one of the most frequent problems that we can have in the maintenance is a water leak, but don’t worry, everything has a solution.

This type of problem goes unnoticed at first until it reaches the point where you realize that you have to fill the pool again. Usually, its repair will cost us money and time, and if the situation has become very serious the repair could take some time, although it is advisable to first check if your pool really has a leak.

Remember that on days with very high temperatures it is normal for some water to be lost due to evaporation, but be careful, if you notice that after a week you have to add more than 2 centimeters of water, this is an indication that should not be overlooked and requires attention to possible leaks.

For this and other reasons it is essential to count with a specialized service likeĀ tsharkleakdetection.com, which solves this type of circumstance and that will surely make it easier for you to find and repair leaks, avoiding water loss, and saving you time and headaches, and in many cases solving the problem in time before it becomes something much more serious.

Although the pools are watertight, it is important to note that products such as sealants used in their construction have a useful life and that with the passage of time and use are deteriorating, there are also parts such as tiles that wear, break, etc., giving way to possible problems of this type. In other occasions a leak can be originated through the plumbing connections.

How do we confirm a leak?

There are different ways to confirm it, but there is one that is foolproof and that is the vase test. If you have never heard of this test do not worry, it is very simple. It is simple, first look for a pot preferably transparent, we will proceed to fill it with water and stones, and leave it on one of the steps of the pool. Then we have to mark that the level of water both inside and outside the jar is the same, so then you can measure the level and match it.

Usually, it is recommended to wait at least 1 full day to check the levels we have marked previously. If the level marked on the outside is lower than the one marked on the inside, we are obviously dealing with a leak.

Normally leaks originate in the filtration system, so that should be the first point to check. It can be generated for many reasons, including a bad connection with a valve, a fault with one of the filter pipes, etc.

Before checking the glass of the pool, it is recommended to inspect all the equipment and accessories of the water filtration, since in most cases that is where the leak is.

If once the entire filtration system has been checked, the leak has not yet been found, the next step is to completely close the entire filtration mechanism and close all the valve keys.

At the moment all is closed, we wait carefully for the water level to drop until it reaches a point where it stabilizes, and then it will be at that mark of the level where the leak is.

If the case occurs, the pool has a more delicate leakage problem, do not hesitate to find a professional service as tsharkleakdetection.com as soon as possible to solve it, that way you can continue enjoying your pool without worries.