When Do You Need A Hard Money Loan?

The loan application process can be a daunting one for many borrowers; but, if you choose Carlifornia Hard Money Direct, it does not have to be. In fact, as long as you have a great property in mind that you would like to finance, even if you do not have stellar credit or have a long loan and repayment history, we are willing to work with you as a borrower. Whether it is for a residential or commercial property, or if you are interested in a mixed use space, our team at Carlifornia Hard Money Direct can help you with the financing that you need in order to make that transaction become a reality for you.

Loan process

There are many different options available to you as a borrower, but none of the loan application and processes are going to be as simple as what we have to offer for you. Our offices will

  • Walk through the facilities you would like to purchase with you
  • We will determine the property value
  • We offer you the financing terms and the amount you need to borrow
  • We offer up to $10 million for residential and up to $20 million for commercial or mixed use purchases

We make the process as stress free and simple for you as possible. All you have to do is show us the property, and show us how you plan on utilizing the funds we loan you, in order to be approved for the loan you are applying for with us. We don’t make you jump through any hoops, nor are we going to ask you for your full credit report and history in order to help you or to potentially deny you, for the cash loan that you need to purchase the investment property you want to buy.

We are here to help. We understand that it can be tough to get an approval if you don’t have the best credit score imaginable as a borrower in need of quick cash for your investment. This is where our team and offices at Carlifornia Hard Money Direct come in to help you through the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you with the loan process, to guide you through the application, and are ready to approve you for the cash you need, for both commercial and residential investments you would like to make as a buyer of investment properties.